Currently doing an economics Ph.D. at the University of Paris Dauphine - PSL in Paris and planning to graduate in March 2024. I am on the international economics academic job market in 2023-2024.

My research interests include Microeconomic Theory applied to the electricity sector, with a deep interest lying at the crossroads between Market Design and Industrial Organisation, with a broad view on Mechanism Design, Decision Theory, Political Economy, and Regulatory economics.

I mainly work on the following:

  • Investment decisions and their relationship with markets.
  • The design of long-term markets to provide sufficient investments.

Even though I work primarily in the electricity sector, I am deeply interested in using theoretical advances from other economic fields to help build a more resilient energy system. At the same time, feedback from past and current experiences in electricity markets could significantly improve our understanding of how to efficiently provide essential goods.

You can find my works here here